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The currents, temperature, wind direction and speed are all common variables that can complicate a water search.  Once the gases from the body reach the surface, the wind carries the scent across the water spreading and diluting the odour.  Temperature will also affect the movement, by causing the odour to either rise, or trap the odour at the water level.  All of which can make it difficult for the dogs to trace the odour back to the location of the source.   


We deploy multiple dogs that work independently from one another, searching both from the shoreline and from a boat in order to gather as much information as possible.  Our handlers than use this information to narrow the search and move the dogs into the most concentrated scent pool in an attempt to identify an area of interest.


Once we have received confirmation from multiple dogs in our identified area of interest, we can begin to use other resources, such as our side scanning sonar.  

CCSC trains our dogs to assist in the location and recovery of drowned individuals.  


Our dogs can locate the scent of drowned victims when the molecules of gases and liquids are released from the body and travel to the surface of the water. The dogs often           alert by barking or other similar change in behaviours         when they are in contact with the scent of these gases.       This communicates to their handler that they may be in the vicinity of a drowned person.

The side scanning sonar uses sound waves which travel through the water and bounce off anything of different density than water.  This signal than returns back to the units transducer, creating an image on the screen which in turn allows us to 'see' images below the water line.


Any image of interest is then further investigated with either an underwater camera or by divers.   


We collaborate with a number of other organizations and individuals to help with the more refined work in the search.

If a body is confirmed, and the appropriate authorities are not already on scene, we will immediately contact them to ensure proper steps are taken to recover the body.

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