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CCSC deploy 's specialized and certified human Remains Detection (HRD) dogs to aid in the search and recovery of human remains believed to be located either on the surface or underground.  Our dogs are trained to locate bodies at different stages of decomposition even when the remains are exposed to the elements, scattered by scavengers, burned or buried beneath the surface.  


The dogs travel faster and cover more terrain than their handlers, making them an ideal tool in the search of large tracks of land. CCSC uses GPS based systems to ensure all areas are thoroughly covered.


 All CCSC team members undergo extensive training in a variety of skills, some of these include wilderness survival, navigational skills, first aid (human and K9), search strategies, and incident command.  

Most of our searches are for individuals who have gone missing or suffered an unfortunate accident. On occasion, we are involved with searches that may be a result of criminal activity.  If so, our members are trained to preserve the scene and will notify local authorities immediately, if not already on scene.

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